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January 7, 2010

Parental Oversight

While the back and forth bantering, posturing, and finger-pointing related to the furlough days, training days, and total school days has only added to the sense that education is a subject often pontificated on but rarely focused on at the top levels when there is no crisis, one has to wonder what kind of support this whole fiasco might see on the home front once the dust settles. What will the parents do?

For no matter what you say about classrooms and days off and lack of books and lack of air conditioning and other very real issues, some of the responsibility for the education system here has to be placed squarely on the backs of the parents. This is not to suggest that many public school prideful parents aren't busting their butts to make ends meet and truly care and stay involved with their children's educational plight. These parents realize that school is a vital tool and not a mandated baby-sitting service.

But far too many parents take a lackadaisical attitude toward school, do not stay involved, do not do all that they can do to ensure that their keiki have the best opportunities to succeed in class and, perhaps, in life, due to the combined early efforts of teachers, students, and parents- for that's the holy trinity of education. The teamwork of involved parents and dedicated teachers will do far more toward building a better public school system here in Hawaii than any annual rallying cry from some politician reminding us ad nauseum that education is the key to our future while doing little to ensure that reality with their actions. Think about it…

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