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February 5, 2010

Rolling The Dice

As pundits debate whether or not any of the proposed gambling bills will ever see the light of day (they won't), and while we all understand the potential pitfalls of casinos and gambling, there really might be a way to make this work out without some of the documented or alleged horrors associated with widespread gambling.

What about shipboard gambling on a cruise liner or two? What about an opportunity for tourists, since most local folks simply won't go on these ships for a week or more at a time, to have one more reason to come to Hawaii? There could be a five-year trial, with no expansion until this experiment plays out; laws restrict the gambling to a certain minimum distance offshore, so no dockside gambling would be allowed.

And, how about if you funnel the proceeds from the gambling exclusively into the public education system, which will always need funds for repairs, books, computers, air conditioning and some other basics which we can't seem to supply on a regular basis. A controlled effort offshore on this volatile subject might be the best way to go for a number of reasons. Of course, I'll give you odds as to whether or not it will get serious consideration, but since no solutions seem to be the rule on day 123 of teacher furloughs, I thought I'd just roll the dice. Think about it…

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