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March 22, 2010

And Then What...

As we continue to wonder when the adults will figure out how to solve the furlough problem, and as we argue about who is suggesting what for what political reasons nowadays, and who went to dinner when and inappropriately charged the City for it, let's keep one thing in mind. Those in charge had better figure out some macro-strategies and opportunities for this state, for the day when Senator Inouye is no longer a member of the United States Senate is the day that our ability to fund a lot of things starts disappearing, quickly.

You want to see a test case? Take a look at what's going on in Alaska with federally-funded project requests, earmarks, and other opportunities now that long-time Senator Ted Stevens is out of office. Perhaps that's one reason Governor Palin resigned- she saw the writing on the wall looking ahead. Remote states like Hawaii and Alaska simply don't have contiguous neighbors who have at least a partial interest in our plight, so when the power and control of long-serving, dedicated politicos goes away, so does a lot of the clout working on behalf of those states.

That's the system. Rookie senators simply don't have the mojo to make magic happen for their constituents for the most part. So as you watch the current free-for-all continue about budgeting in our state, let's hope there are entrepreneurs and forward-thinking officials in place to start planning for some radical changes that will be required over the long haul for the economic and psychological well-being of our very remote location. Think about it…

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