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March 29, 2010


Ainokea. You see it on clothing, on bumper stickers, on car windows. It's a clever, local play on words and a cultural phenomenon. For many, it means "leave me alone, I don't care", and that has a whiff of romanticism as it shows an independent streak and a la-di-da, carefree mind-my-own-business attitude, but I wonder nowadays if the growing number of "ainokea" signs might be taking on new significance.

Maybe "ainokea" is becoming an all-pervasive attitude of officials and others as problems simply don't get solved. Lots of lip service and meetings and discussions and cries for change, but we simply aren't very comfortable rocking the boat and shaking things up. Status quo has become a constitutional right in Hawaii. May be the general population, or the inmates in this asylum, are getting a bit stir-crazy as the same social, political, health, and economic issues crop up over and over with no resolutions in sight.

It was refreshing to see the recent news story that an invasive species of wasps that has been destroying thousands of trees locally is being neutralized here by a tiny, imported East African wasp – problem identified, researched, and solved, end of story. Not everything is that easy to resolve, but let's hope more people don't simply jump on the "ainokea" bandwagon and give up hope that our biggest problems will be resolved. Is anybody listening? Think about it…

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