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April 22, 2010

Furlough For What?

It's been six-months or half a year since the first Furlough Friday occurred. Back in October, when this mock of a sham of a farce of a travesty began, even the pessimistic among us must have assumed the adults would act in an educated way to get this educational debacle resolved. Ah, but never underestimate false pride, ego, power-mongering and control issues amongst combatants trying to make a point.

You might think we would be the national poster children for setting a poor example in our fumbling of this situation, but, looking at our track record for lack of innovation, mediocre-at-best test results, inability to provide books or even quality air in schools in some circumstances, and you realize that Hawaii hasn't been on the radar screen very often when the praise is passed out for exemplary state education systems. We're not even in the running right now for most improved, sports fans.

So when this furlough fiasco is finally finished, spare us the polished speeches about give and take, about disparate positions and viewpoints reconciling solely for the sake of our kids. It's too late for that- that should have involved a unanimous decision among all parties to sit in detention until a solution was worked out three, four, or five months ago. The kids can't learn, because the adults haven't- and that's a sad lesson for all. Think about it…

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