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May 31, 2010

Forgetting Furloughs

As expected, the furlough situation for next year appears to have been resolved. Kudos to the private sector, specifically First Hawaiian Bank, for stepping in to help ensure that this fiasco does not re-occur in 2011… we hope. But the facts remain that adults in charge allowed this situation to go on for far too long.

And frankly, the public failed in its civic duty to let the powers that be know that we simply won't accept indecision, bad decisions, bureaucratic snafus, and union posturing when it comes to the educational welfare of our kids. There should have been thousands of parents down at the legislature protesting during the holiday season. There should have been more input from teachers, reminding everyone just how tough it is in normal school years to make sure that lessons get taught and needs are met.

Simply put, everyone was just too passive about this whole thing. People should have been locked in a room eight months ago to resolve it, even if other areas of government service had to suffer. So let's now see what the next steps are in re-defining or resurrecting our supposed commitment to public education. It starts with parents caring, and legislators committing, and it winds its way through reasonable changes in union expectations and tearing apart the unwieldy bureaucratic system in place. Are we prepared to do all of this or will the powers that be just provide the annual lip service about how the keiki are our future? Think about it...

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