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June 7, 2010

Oil Of Delay

The oil debacle down in the gulf coast and the weak response for six-weeks is certainly a wake-up call in many ways. But let's take a look right here at home. Do we have the resources and technology available to handle a major oil spill or catastrophe locally? Are the tools and procedures in place to make sure that an accident is contained in a quick, thorough, and efficient manner? 

If nothing else, the lessons learned from the lack of precautions in place in the gulf should force others in officialdom to spend the time now to reflect on and prepare to act on such a cataclysmic event. The repercussions from this "whoops" will be felt for years to come, according to many experts. Others think nature will simply clean itself up over time… how naive.

As a state that is much too dependent on gas and oil, the slimy slop that's now washing up on shorelines throughout the south should remind us to continue the search for alternatives now to help reduce our dependency, for a number of sound reasons.  Wind farms might not be the most beautiful site on our hillsides, but if they can truly provide a viable economical and ecological solution to our energy needs, then wind farms it is. Ideas and theories abound, public/private partnerships might speed things up, but action seems to come quite slowly on resolving energy costs and concerns. As we have just been reminded, now would be a great time to ramp things up. Think about it.

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