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June 14, 2010

Contact Consequences

I don't want to sound like a Luddite here, someone against progress or innovation, but the more time I spend with the human race, the more I realize how we are all becoming slaves to devices. From cell phones to portable video game devices to chatting to messaging to tweeting to e-mails to social sites, the time people focus on devices is starting to exceed the time they seem to spend in face to face contact.

It seems that no one can walk out of a movie (and some cannot even sit through a movie) without having to get that phone going. Really? You're that tied into "what did I miss" syndrome that even a two-hour respite from technology becomes almost unbearable? And that new law about no cell phoning or touching your sacred handheld devices while you drive? Give me a break; it's as bad as it ever was. People veering out of their lane, people not hitting the gas when the light changes, people letting the conversation affect their mood, and thus their proclivity to maybe hit that gas pedal a little harder…

Little kids carry a blanket or a doll for security. Adults now carry a device- in their hands, in their ears, around their heads, in their cars for some sense of security, of always being in contact, of always being in touch. So what have we gained? Perhaps more importantly, what have we lost- how about the human touch? Oh, excuse me, I've gotta take this call… Think about it…

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