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July 19, 2010

Civility Under Fire

The civil unions discussion and the response to the decision was anything but civil at times, but thus it goes when passion and feelings and people's rights are in play. The decision to throw this can of worms back to the people, or the voters, to be exact, is not a guarantee, and the legislators who pushed for the bill did not want to come back in session for an override.

At the end of the day, the governor explained her position, kept her good standing within her party for possible future office-seeking, and put the issue back in the hands of the legislature, or the next governor, or the people. As far as the people making the decision, if that is how we deal with all emotional and impactful legislation, then maybe we don't need two representative bodies and a governor. Candidates are elected into office with the task of making decisions based on the best interests of the people, and those are often very hard decisions.

As to the will of the people being absolute and right, let's check out some American history- like back in the 1860s when a bunch of people thought slavery was really still OK. Check out the will of the people that prevented women from voting for 150-years. Check out the deep South in the 1960s when civil rights were forced upon the states. Check out states that relatively recently abolished laws disallowing interracial marriage, or states that had laws against homosexuality. Were the people the ones who should have been making those landmark decisions that have had huge, long-term impact on this nation? Think about it…

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