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July 29, 2010

War Ideas

Americans apparently love a good war, even if it goes on forever and ever. The war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on terror- these are just a few of the so-called battles that seem to go on and on- serious stuff, no doubt. Well I'd like to propose a few less vital wars, and these can be held right here, in Hawaii, and they might go on for quite some time, but at least we will take notice of a few things that need to be addressed locally.

How about a war on hypocrisy, starting with our legislators and candidates coming out strongly in favor of bettering our education system, and then resorting to backroom agreements and years of passive acceptance? How about a war on stupidity, starting with drivers who veer right when turning left or who merge into the right lane going town bound Pali Highway at the last second to get onto the H-1 heading east?

How about a war on duplicity, like people who orate about our local history, our special culture, and our love for the ‘aina but who leave trash unaccounted for or toss stuff out the window? Or how about a war on passive aggressiveness, the wonderful local sport of smiling at someone and talking nicely with them, and then talking wicked  about ‘em behind their backs or giving them wrong impressions? On second thought, maybe we'll just stick to the wars we've got until we've got them figured out. Think about it…

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