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August 19, 2010

Sign Off

I find the intrusive placement of signs on every street corner a distraction and an annoyance, and it does nothing to convince me whether or to vote for somebody. Overly aggressive signage and wavers might actually be a reason to not vote for somebody. After all, if this is how obnoxious they choose to be in running for office, what can we expect when they get in?

I used to think that maybe I wouldn't vote for anybody who put signs all over, but soon realized that I would be left with a couple of fringe candidates that simply didn't make sense for me. What if the money spent on signs was spent on quality, detailed brochures. And what if family, friends, and supporters canvassed the neighborhood and dropped off these important pieces of differentiation, rather than try to get in my visual space when I'm driving.

It's hard enough eating, texting, and reading while I drive; nowadays I have to make sure to avoid hitting the over-zealous, dehydrated, or hypoglycemic sign-wavers leaning onto the roadway craving for a honk or eye contact. And if you do decide to be sociable or see a buddy of yours waving, be careful about honking behind the wrong driver; be prepared to hit the brakes or swerve…  I know, I know, it's a local tradition- but having observed its growth over the past 35-years in Hawaii, a land without billboards, doesn't necessarily make it a good tradition, a productive one, a sensible one, or even a valuable one that must be preserved at all costs. Think about it…

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