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August 26, 2010

Dirt Removal

It's no surprise that the dirt has begun to show up in this year's elections. A lot on the line and not much time left to convince the unconvinced that this candidate or that candidate is the one. What to do? Well, in the age old tradition of politics, cheap shots begin, and then mud will get slung or hinted at or mailed, and then we'll get some insidious last-minute rumor (we've had our fair share of those here, haven't we?).

And you know what might be the worst part of this bi-annual dirtfest? The general public- the potential voters-  now accept and expect this activity as the norm. We all know it's coming. We just don't know from whom, when, or in what form. But we know that some candidate, or some ten candidates, either desperate due to bad polling results or surrounded by sycophants, will spread some stories or make things out to be more (or less) than they actually are. Morals? Ethics? Maybe not.

Sticking to the facts and the vital issues, making detailed assessments of how you will make a difference, pointing out differences through voting records and absolute facts, these are nuances of campaigning that all too often take a back seat to the vague or scandalous or questionable. Thus, we end up often getting what we sometimes deserve in who leads us. And more and more people simply don't bother showing up on election day; and doesn't that make a statement. Should we really wonder why?  Think about it…

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