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September 16, 2010

Just Do Right

One of the reasons that this country was founded was due to the need for some early settlers to escape rampant religious persecution back in jolly, old England. How ironic then that some would like to thrust religion back into the picture by touting their religiosity or convictions, which is not only a defiance of separating church and state, but all too often is hypocritical to how some of these very same people live and act.

One of the rewarding things about religion- most any religion- is that it provides a certain set of general guidelines and principles on how to live, treat people, and act. Unfortunately, the details are what tend to set people off, in direct contrast to the basic tenet of what the religious dictates were meant to do when interpreted and written down in the first place. If your religious beliefs help you to make decisions and those choices then help us as a community, great; but be humble about it, a revered local trait.

If more people would follow the very basic tenets and lead a more religious life- by setting the right example, by doing the right thing, by being honest, by being charitable, by treating all people kindly, "do not do to others what you would not like yourself" (by the way, that one is from Confucius), well then this really would be a better state and planet. So enough with people setting themselves up as false prophets- just lead a religious life by example in your deeds, actions, and words, and then maybe more potential followers will see fit to vote for you, which is really your goal in the first place. Think about it…

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