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September 23, 2010


I don't know what's going to happen to the Western Athletic Conference next year or thereafter. No one can say for sure in the wacky world of the WAC what the new WAC might look like after the defection of Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada. Actually, no one can say if there will even be a WAC after the landscape changes, as it obviously will, over the course of the next nine-months or so.

But before everyone sits around and talks doom and gloom, let's keep in mind that 10-years ago, no one here was jumping for joy with the thought of adding Boise State to the conference. And look what happened to the blue smurfs, now a football powerhouse and a legitimate BCS-bowl contender year after year. Is that possible with potential WAC-wannabes like Montana or Portland State or Texas-San Antonio? Who knows? Who can say today what administration commitments might be like in a new WAC with a few new teams. Who can say if UH will end up to be the WAC-Daddy, where UH's decision might ultimately decide the fate of the rest of the now-dwindling conference?

And who's to say that UH won't find itself some other dance partners, if it chooses to do so, in the coming months for a better alignment if the WAC does, indeed, look weak in 2012 and beyond? With UC-Davis and Cal Poly now headed to the lower-tier Big Sky Conference in football, those two schools are out of whatever the new-look WAC might end up looking like. Certainly, we are still at a juncture where the future of and home of UH's athletic teams is being written in pencil, with a lot of erasers handy, as the college sports landscape around us keeps changing monthly. Think about it…

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