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What is a port to port move?

Horizon Lines possession begins and ends at the respective port locations. The customer delivers to the origin port and arranges for cargo to be picked up at the destination port.

What is a door move?

A door move begins (or ends) at the customer's actual location. Horizon Lines will coordinate pickup/delivery of cargo, working with truck and/or rail counterparts as required.

What is a "live load"?

A live load occurs when the customer loads their cargo into the container while the truck driver waits. Standard free time for loading is 2 hours.

What is a "drop and pick" versus a "drop and bobtail"?

Drop & pick: This is when one container is dropped at a customer's facility and another container is picked up.

Drop & bobtail: This is when a container is dropped at the customer's facility and the trucker leaves without a container (bobtail). The driver returns at another time to pickup the empty/loaded container. (NOTE: Please ensure your rate covers this particular service.)

What does "can your booking be split" mean?

If there are multiple containers on one booking, Horizon Lines asks the customer in advance if it is acceptable to split the shipment. This is just in case one container arrives at the port in time for a vessel and for some unforeseen purpose the other(s) does not. Should Horizon Lines load the one container, or hold to send all containers on the booking together?

Will the truck driver assist in loading/unloading my freight?

This is not standard procedure and must be arranged in advance. Additional charges (referred to as 'lumper') will be incurred if a truck driver assists with loading/unloading. NOTE: This request must be made at the time booking is placed with Horizon Lines. Estimated charge for lumper is $100.

Can I ship my automobile with you to Alaska, Guam, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?

We accept automobiles moving to and from Hawaii, Guam and Alaska. We do not ship automobiles to or from Puerto Rico.

How do I find out the cost to ship my freight?

You may obtain a Horizon Lines rate quote by using one of the following methods.



Shipper’s Export Declarations

What is a Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)?

A Shipper’s Export Declaration is simply a formal declaration given to the U.S. Department of Census for the purposes of tracking exports from the United States.

Under what circumstances must I submit an SED?

For Horizon Lines shipments, SED’s must be submitted for each individual commodity valued at $2,500.00 or more moving between the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Do I have to submit the SED form to Horizon Lines, or can I submit it directly to the U.S. Census Bureau?

You can submit your SED to Horizon Lines for filing on your behalf, along with a signed authorization for us to file on your behalf. If you prefer, you can submit your SED directly to the U.S. Census Bureau over the Internet, using their AES Direct system. Visit for more information.

When do I have to submit an SED?

SED’s should be submitted prior to vessel departure, and must be submitted prior to vessel arrival at destination. If your SED is not received at Horizon Lines prior to vessel arrival, you may be contacted by a documentation representative to arrange for submission of the SED.

Where can I obtain a copy of a blank SED form?

For a blank form, please visit the following section of the
U.S. Census Bureau’s website:

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