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October 11, 2010

How Far?

You have to wonder sometimes how far we've really come as a nation when it comes to how we treat our own. Last week's presidential recognition of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team was long overdue and once again reminded us of just how magnificent and selfless this group of Japanese-Americans was during World War II. While some of them or their families were interned in California camps, these valiant sons fought for a country that distrusted them because of how they looked.

So where are we today in America and even in Hawaii, almost 70-years later? Do we still have a country where the way someone looks or what they believe in or how they choose to lead their lives causes far too many to pre-judge and stereotype? Absolutely. Do we still make harsh, rash, and incorrect assessments of our fellow man simply because of ignorance, fear, and our own insecurities? Yes, on a daily basis. Do some people even bother to dig one inch under the surface to find out about the type of person they are dissing based on that person's appearance? Of course not.

20,000 years ago, our brain development might have worked just fine for simpler times. But nowadays, with all of the modern day complexities and interactions we all face, we sadly see people who still think all private school kids are stuck up, who think certain groups are cheap, who think certain groups are lazy. How childish, inaccurate, and Neanderthal such generalizing seems, especially right here in our melting pot of humanity of Hawaii. Then again, I shouldn't be stereotyping, too. Think about it…

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