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November 1, 2010

Boo Ya!

Is Halloween really a holiday for kids? Or is it really a day for adults to play and dress up and fantasize- maybe it's an adult holiday dressed like a kid. Some people go all out at home or at work, with costumes, decorations, and other accoutrements to seize the moment. But that's OK, it's fun for all of the ghouls and boys to laugh and play and party, even if they are 70-years young.

There is a term for older organisms still possessing and displaying child-like feelings and pursuing immature actions. The word is neoteny, and a wonderful instructor/teacher here, Glenn Furuya, taught me about this word years ago. While we all need to grow up, we should never lose our child-like exuberance, curiosity, and playfulness. Frankly, growing up is overrated, kids, because with that comes responsibility, accountability, hard-decisions, expectations, and- someday- atrophy.

We all know people that should lighten up once in a while. Heck, a lot of them ran for office this year or run the offices we work in. This is not to suggest that we don't have serious issues and concerns in Hawaii and elsewhere- but we've always had heavy issues and we always will. Having a sense of fun, immaturity, and playfulness is not a bad thing in the right doses. It might actually make you more fun to be around, and might provide you some needed relief from the heaviness that can often be life. So "boo" to you, too, and try to always have some fun, even when it's dark out there. Think about it…

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