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November 11, 2010

Board Shorts

The people have spoken- opting to change the state school board from an elected one to an appointed one. But now the question is- when will this take place, who will be appointed, and how do we keep this new direction from becoming just another political football? If an appointed board starts mandating radical change, and then a new governor comes aboard a few years later, what's to keep the new boss from re-arranging the deck chairs on the education Titanic?

The only way this new slate of appointees- whoever they are and whenever they are- can effectively handle the massive job is to have some sense of continuity, as systemic change will not come overnight, or in two years, to a deeply entrenched monolith that rewards longevity and stasis. With inordinate amounts of required paperwork already dragging our teachers and administrators down from more vital tasks- like teaching, the last thing they all need is to have the rules changing on expectations and goals from one administration to another.

The people have spoken, and now it's up to the legislature and a new governor to quickly move forward and honor the people's choice. As always, the details will determine how much good comes of this move in the coming years as a newly appointed Board will undoubtedly need time, once in place, to figure things out. Let's quickly get past rhetoric and into action on this one. Think about it…

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