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January 27, 2011

Lava Life

We now take it for granted, but it is truly an amazing natural act to watch the creeping progress of lava flows on the Big Island month after month, year after year. How agonizing for home owners to watch their properties literally go up in smoke as Mother Nature progresses her inevitable and fiery march down the slopes and toward the sea or lower ground

Residents of Kalapana are unfortunately used to this. One resident who lost her house said, "the land is as temporary as life". And for many people, the land in this eerie world has provided life, or at least a better way of living than wherever they came from. We can only watch in awe as this process continues in whatever direction it chooses decade after decade. Yes, the vog is a terrible by-product, and the destruction is tragic for many, but to be given the gift of watching this and actually be able to somewhat prepare for it surely exceeds the tragedies we see all too often worldwide with instant floods, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and other planetary traumas.

The orange embers of Kalapana, often times looking like a neon version of a scene from "The Blob" or "Ghostbusters", are perhaps a reminder that men plan and God laughs, that there are forces far beyond our means that sometime determine our fates, and that we do live in a pretty amazing place where lava's stunning beauty and its path toward ultimate destruction are viewed as just another day in paradise. Slow-moving waves of lava; fast-moving waves of the North Shore. Awesome. Think about it…

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