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March 28, 2011

Dang Dengue

On the great evolutionary chart in the sky, I've never understood the value of the lowly mosquito. While it undoubtedly serves as lunch or dinner for certain birds or animals, there are a wide variety of other insects around that can easily serve in its place for hungry noshers. No, it seems to me that the only purpose of the mosquito is to plague man; literally.

Reports last week of a few cases of dengue fever reminds us that these nasty biters can and do cause harm beyond just a bit of itching and redness. And while the last outbreak, so to speak, of dengue fever here occurred in 2001- and that was limited to 153 reported cases- the ever-present existence of mosquitoes here year round makes Hawaii a possible hot spot if this virus gets spread through the pesky bugs. Mosquitoes cause major problems in tropical areas around the world- they are truly nasty little suckers.

Dengue cannot be spread from person to person, but a bitten person, unbeknownst to him or her, provides the necessary fuel for a single, bloodthirsty mosquito to transmit the disease if or when it bites other people. Pearl City denizens would be wise to be extra cautious to make sure they have no collected water in their yards or gutters where mosquitoes are likely to congregate and breed. A little extra effort today could go a long way to ensuring that these few dengue incidents don't become a widespread problem island-wide. Think about it…

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