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April 11, 2011

Gas Mass

As gas prices continue to rise and people actually start changing their lifestyles to accommodate the possible new reality of $5 a gallon or higher prices, everyone looks a little bit harder at energy alternatives to oil. The nuclear fallout in Japan, literally, continues to be of concern, and every possibly named energy resource has some potential downfall- environmental, fiscal, or logistical.

Wind farms are not a popular subject on Lanai, where homeowners have hung out signs throughout Lanai City indicating their dislike for that option. The fledgling electric car business seems like an energy-saving alternative as long as the early adapters are satisfied and spread the word and as long as the re-charging opportunities are plentiful and reasonably priced. Using ocean wave currents is a touted option, albeit expensive, to our dependence on imported oil, and our apparent domestic oil shale reserves are being pitched as yet another environmentally unfriendly, and not necessarily cheaper, option to importing oil from unfriendly and unstable places.

The bottom line is that Hawaii, as an island chain, needs to take a realistic look at all of its options locally- be they wind-based, cold ocean water-based, electricity-based, or wave-based- as we watch oil and gas prices rise and perhaps not come down again. We will continue to need more energy than ever before to get around and to get along, and some of the answers might actually be found right here. Think about it…

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