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April 14, 2011

Grammy Whammy

Remember the good old days, when people made condescending or childish comments when they didn't like how the voting went in the Hawaiian music category of the Grammy Awards? Remember those great discussions about what truly should be acknowledged, and who should vote, and how ignorant people who don't get it were making decisions? Remember how maligned winners were justifiably stating that they were simply doing their art as they saw fit, and that it was up to others to make decisions on who wins and who doesn't?

Well sports fans, those good old days of two months ago and last year and the year before that are gone, as the Recording Academy has decided to shrink the number of Grammy categories from 109 down to 78. So now, if you are an artist performing any sort of Hawaiian music, you will be relegated to compete against zydeco, Cajun, Native American, and even polka music in the catch-all category of "regional roots music". Yeh, good luck getting a qualified pool of voters to make that artistic distinction.

With music sales throughout the world already at an all time low, even the local negative naysayers  ought to be a bit miffed that Hawaiian music is now lumped in with some admittedly fine art forms, and thus it will be even tougher for our local sounds to be heard and recognized by a larger audience. This is a huge step backwards, but perhaps the lack of interest to even register to vote and the lack of Hawaiian music entries annually proves that this is the way a majority of the local music community wanted it, despite the great lobbying efforts for years to get Hawaiian music its own Grammy category. Gee, maybe the whiners do win after all. I think not. Think about it…

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