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April 25, 2011

Taking Gas

So, what’s it going to take for you? How high do local gas prices have to go up for you to change some of your normal habits? $5 a gallon? $6 a gallon? Local drivers may soon be tested as to how long it will take before people start making changes in what they do, where they go, and how often they drive alone, because no one expects big drops in gas prices any time in the near future. Frankly, a few more social car efforts and a little less traffic would not be a bad thing locally, would it?

Europeans and others around the world have seen gas prices well above local and mainland prices for years- and many people have adjusted, with more bikes, buses, and trains carrying people from place to place. Maybe the time will come soon where you carpool with neighbors who work near you or share a ride with co-workers who share your hours. Some people say they simply aren’t filling up their vehicles all the way, because it costs too much. Unless their driving habits change, too, all that means is that they’ll be filling up more often to do their same rituals and routines. Ten visits to the pump when you fill it up three-quarters at $48 ends up to be the same as eight visits at $60 for a full tank each time.

While fuel sources and environmental costs get debated year after year, the business models are going to have to make sense before we get off the gas. Maybe electric cars will be humming along in great quantities after all is said and done this time around. That, or people will simply have to say that they are willing to change their lifestyles and habits to keep from feeding the pump. Think about it…


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