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May 9, 2011

Bills, Bills, Bills

The legislature was in overdrive last week trying to move bill forward bills quickly or re-do budgets based on the latest projections. With the well-understood uncertainty surrounding Japanese tourism and concerns about fuel prices and other items, it is very hard to pinpoint how impacted our fragile economic base will be over the next six months, let alone down the road.

But the fact that our legislators have to deal with reams of paper and bill requests, more so than most other states, might be a reason to revisit the length of time spent in session and the nature of our legislature. Why not spend an extra month getting the work done? Why not make the job a full-time job and maybe look at a unicameral legislature- one governing body rather than two? Nebraska has been making a one-house system work since 1937. At a time when more questions than ever are being asked about government's role in our lives and its efficacy, who will bring forth the needed questions about "the system"?

It's not like we haven't approached the question about bureaucratic systems here recently- witness the change to our Board of Education this past election season- it's now an appointed body. I don't know if a longer legislative session will just mean more silly bills proposed to appease this constituent base or that one, but perhaps the time has come to revisit this all important system that affects us all. Think about it…

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