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July 4, 2011


You see it; I see it; we all see it. Despite repeated warnings in Hawaii, ticketing, and the threat of death, our good friends on the roads are still yakking away while negotiating turns and merges on the highways and bi-ways. Yes, it's illegal, yes, it is an absolute distraction, not to mention a neck cramp waiting to happen, but apparently that all-important phone call has got to be taken right now, no matter when, no matter where.

The theory that for some people it will take a fender bender or worse for them to wake up out of their "cell-fish" phase is a rational theory, albeit a sad one. Who knows how many accidents have occurred where the guilty party never admitted the abuse of the cell phone.  Eating and driving, reading and driving, even trying to put your earpiece in to comply with the cell phone law while driving- it's all a grave distraction that could send you to an early grave, and people are paying dearly for it- and I don't just mean the increase in traffic tickets this year.

But we have become a world of immediacy- information has to be gotten instantaneously. Come out of a meeting- check your phone; come out of a movie- check your phone. God knows what some people are doing when they come out of their bedrooms- undoubtedly checking their phones, just in case the president called or Amazon.com is informing you that your order has been shipped. Don't use your cell while driving. I'd rather be an old-fashioned, alive guy than a hip, dead one. Think about it…

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