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July 25, 2011

Think About It: Snakes On A Plain

Why would you bring a snake into your personal living area? I mean seriously, along with the fact that they are illegal here, does anyone really need a Burmese python, which can grow up to 23-feet long, in their house or garage. And since snakes are notorious escape artists, is this really something we need to add to our local list of "things we really don't need to deal with", right up there with rabies and radon poisoning.

The good folks at the Department of Agriculture and the quarantine police have done a nice job over the past 20-years since the brown tree snake became a huge problem in Guam- just eight snakes have made their way to Hawaii and been found during that time. Granting amnesty to snake hoarders is a good idea to help get reptiles out of harm's way when folks have second thoughts about the slitherers, but bringing in baby snakes, knowing they do grow up just like kittens and puppies into bigger animals, just makes no sense.

Also making no sense is the state law that prohibits our zoos from housing no more than two male, non-venomous snakes at any given time. Now I won't take a cheap shot about legislators making this archaic law for fear of being out-numbered, but don't you think the zoos and their handlers can decide how many snakes they can handle at any given time? And wouldn't having more exotic reptiles securely housed in a zoo home provide a much-needed boost to zoo attendance? Surely the two recently found boa constrictors and this 7-foot python would make nice zoo additions.  Our zoos need to have more snake freedom, but let's hope that it doesn't take an amateur snake hoarder getting squeezed to learn that you don't play with wild animals, even in paradise. Think about it…

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