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August 25, 2011

Think About It: Sound Sand Sense

I can't take credit for this idea, as I read it in the daily paper in a letter to the editor from Jerry Mershon of Mililani last week- but this one strikes me as brilliant. Transform the Waikiki Natatorium into a beach volleyball arena. As sand volleyball is a popular sport here, and as the NCAA has just added this sport as a new, certified NCAA spring sport, let the Natatorium become the home for UH's newest competitive sport.

The seats are already in place, the venue provides arguably the greatest view of any as a permanent site for this fledgling collegiate sport, so why not make use of the existing seats and the spectacular view, while at the same time preserving the sanctity of what this historic monument represents? The upkeep would be reasonable after the construction is complete, and it would finally put an end to the now-annual discussion about what to do with this decaying facility. And, with some additional signage, the history of the Natatorium could be showcased better than it has been in its long, storied history. It is estimated that over 3-million people play beach volleyball; perhaps the Natatorium could become a new mecca for the sport.

With the University of Hawaii's prowess in wahine volleyball and the local fans love of the game, the next logical step as pointed out by Jerry would be to hold a NCAA national championship event here at some point in the future, as the sport begins to catch on over the next decade. Thanks, Jerry; you made me think about it…

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