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September 15, 2011

Think About It: Stop Kidding Around

My good friend Peter just wrote a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and to the President of the Senate. You can find that letter in the editorial section of our K5 website. In it, he asks for the different factions to get together and do something constructive, such as working toward a common goal of getting this country back on track. In his letter, he suggests that Congress take a look at the collaborative work going on in his kid's elementary school, where respectful disagreement leads to learning, compromising, collaborating, and getting things done.

He also suggests re-arranging the seats in the austere legislative branches from time to time, much like they do in his kid's classes on Maui. This encourages helping one another out, having an open mind, and keeps all the like-minded or like-acting people from hanging together, as that often causes cliques, whispering, and disruption. Maybe this suggestion would work in our own legislature, though there really aren't two diverse sides since our legislative branches are not split up evenly. But maybe listening to disparate points of view, or getting everyone in a room at the same time would help us solve some of our problems- on labor issues, on fiduciary responsibility and the hard cuts that must be made, on long-term decisions for the betterment of the state under trying conditions.

Sending a message to the masses via Congressional reconciliation that the adults really are willing to work together- and not just playing to a constituent base or trying to get re-elected- would be a great lesson for our kids. Or maybe this time, as Peter suggests, the kids can teach the adults how to act and maybe get done for the good of us all. Think about it…

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