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October 10, 2011

Think About It: See Wall

Work was done on the shoreline last week to shore up the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial. Perhaps this was nature's way of telling us that time and tides are taking care of what man apparently cannot- that is- making a decision on what to do with this 84-year old dedicated structure. While annual discussions float around options and sea currents and remaining true to the structure's intent, nature never stops working. Much like the old adage, "rust never sleeps", neither do the ceaseless waves and currents and salt air that continues to erode this monolith.  Maybe this latest and necessary repair work will work to force people to make an expeditious decision soon on the fate of this memorial.

Or maybe not... Maybe we can discuss the myriad options soon and get a committee together to analyze and then let the issue float away for a while, only to come back again the next time and the next time. Simply put, no solution will please everyone. Never has, never will. But to let this structure deteriorate via the whims of nature is a sad state of affairs, and is actually a solution that makes no sense to anyone; eventually, this historic piece will simply crumble- one rebar and one concrete foundation at a time.

Whether it's a refurbished beach façade or a beach volleyball court or a salt water pool (which seems highly unlikely of all proposed ideas due to maintenance and resurrection costs), let's get a resolution in place and a timeline for completion. And let's make sure the historical significance of this World War I structure is written up in clear sight with great detail for all to see when they venture down to the Natatorium. For if we don't get this done, nature will continue to make its own decisions. Think about it…

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