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February 20, 2012

Think About It: Raising Principals

There is grumbling going on in the higher echelons of the Department of Education about the fact that some school principals actually earn higher salaries than do their supervisors- area superintendents. State law puts a cap on what a superintendent can make, for some reason. There has been and is again talk about increasing pay for some of the top jobs to better reflect what would appear to a fair and rational system. Maybe regulated salary caps keep more quality principals from being interested in DOE top jobs; that would be a sorry statement.

But let's remember that pay is not the only reason or perhaps even the major reason people step up to take the top jobs. Not having to deal with the day to day issues at a school after years and years might make some people just as happy to lose a bit in pay in exchange for a position with more general responsibility and influence, but less day to day hassles and less paperwork.

Keep in mind that in the private sector, many top performing salespeople make more than their managers, and we all know that pro athletes get paid far more moola than their coaches or managers. So having a system where lower-ranked people make more money than higher ups is not unheard of or considered unfair. Perhaps the system could be changed to ensure that principals who do step up to the next level don't take pay cuts and don't get capped for a certain length of time. At the same time, let's make sure quality of work is rewarded, and not just quantity of work over years and years. That would appear to be a fair and proper step in the right direction for the system. Think about it…

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