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March 1, 2012

Think About It: My Bad

Distractions while driving… Who knows how many people locally have been in minor, let alone major, fender benders due to losing focus. I'm guilty. While crawling along at about 2 miles-per-hour in rush hour traffic a few weeks back, I leaned down to pick up my Crack-berry and traffic stopped, but I didn't. I barely dinged a tourist van in front of me. No one was hurt, including the cars for the most part, so we exchanged pleasantries and phone numbers, and I will pay for the minor scrape, but I felt like a hypocritical moron. Actually, I was a hypocritical moron, as I have longed preached the value of remaining focused while on the road in my editorials and to my kids.

Eating while driving, turning your head to chat, even using hands-free devices can take your eyes, hands, and mind off the vital task in front of you, and that can lead to tragedy or even a minor accident. Driving, or rather sitting, in traffic in Hawaii is a daily pastime. Rush hour is a misnomer, no one can rush anywhere due to the snail's pace of local traffic- near Lahaina, heading to Oahu's windward, eastern, or leeward sides, around Lihue or Hilo. It is always tempting to divert one's attention to check out the view, the newspaper, the French fries, the inane tweet, but having the wherewithal to say "no", now that's almost heroic in this day and age.

Nowadays, I usually don't bother to turn my phone on when I get in the car- that solves the whole temptation thing. Heck we actually used to drive without phones for up to 30-minutes at a time in the old days- 10-years back. And other than chewing gum, I refrain from negotiating with food while traversing our highways. Many people get in car accidents. Not many admit it was due to their foolishness and lack of focus; that would be embarrassing and belittling. Ask yourself about your last close call or minor roadway accident. Resist temptation, arrive alive and without a higher insurance rate. Take it from a former hypocrite. Think about it...

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