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March 8, 2012

Think About It: Legislative Diss-cussion

Is it any wonder that the general public feels disenfranchised, let down, and just fed up with much of politics these days? Not only do we have the grandstanding and polarizing nature of the U.S. Congress, which has a near-90% disapproval rating from the voters, the highest negative numbers in almost 40-years, but we now see accusations of gerrymandering by a faction of so-called "dissident" Democrats in the state legislature about newly proposed district maps.

Bad enough when those elected to serve can't get along with their counterparts across the political aisle in civil and productive discourse, but when factionalism starts occurring within a formerly relatively homogenous local party, you really have to wonder about the process, trust levels, and ability to get things done for the people. Yes, the people- you know, the ones that those in office were elected to serve and represent; the ones that gave elected officials their jobs in the first place.

A January 4th decision by the state Supreme Court which tossed out the original, re-drawn Hawaii district maps really threw things up for grabs, with not much time left to quickly re-do the maps and figure out who's running where. And now we have paranoia amid accusations- which tends to occur when people's jobs are at stake. Maybe now is the time to suggest, again, a unicameral legislature for our relatively small state- just one legislative body, like Nebraska, and then fewer people would have to worry about who's running against whom, and where. Save money, save time on decisions, hold officials more accountable, maybe even call for a longer annual session that would allow for more focus and well-planned debate. Now that concept would surely cause dissonance. Think about it…

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