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April 23, 2012

Think About It: Political No Show

There will be a few get-togethers before the primary election in August featuring top Democratic senatorial contenders Ed Case and Mazie Hirono, but you better know where to find them. Five forums and debates sound like a good start, but there is a glaring lack of events that include major media. On the surface, Case, who trails in early polls and early fundraising, sees the idea of having numerous debates in the widest public forum possible as an opportunity to best present his views to the largest audience possible while obviously trying to score points against his opponent. Hirono, apparently enjoying her current position atop the polls and with a large pool of ad dollars available, sees no need for the broad forum that statewide exposure on a major TV station or two or three or four might provide.

 A forum on PBS on June 14 will provide statewide exposure, to be sure, but having a number of debates on commercial broadcast stations, as has been proposed, would most assuredly provide an even more thorough service and opportunity for potential voters to get a better grasp on where these candidates are coming from and where they might be going, if elected. Scheduled joint forums before small audiences on Maui and Oahu simply won't serve that purpose as well.  Every major commercial TV broadcast entity in this state is ready, willing and able to host debates, but apparently the Hirono camp sees no value in facing her Democratic opponent in such a normally-accepted scenario. This is unfortunate, and perhaps there is still hope that we will see the top Democratic senatorial aspirants go toe to toe in a lively, issues-focused, back and forth before the August primary date. 

And to all of the candidates planning to enlighten us, we don't need surface quotes, ribbon-cuttings, or pontification about how education of our keiki is fundamental to our future. Spare us the generic pabulum. Let's get into the details and the tough issues. Let's have some debates and active forums with the public. Make like you really do care. Think about it…


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