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May 3, 2012

Think About It: Facebunk

I went to a movie last week and was perturbed by the cell phones that stayed on, even as the movie began and as some self-absorbed individual got a hugely important text midway through the feature. I went to a meeting last week and watched as numerous people thought they were being subtle as they checked their Crack-berries during the meeting while others spoke to the group. They could have picked boogers and been more subtle than trying to glance down under the table for that all-important missive that simply couldn't wait an hour. At a restaurant the other night, I noticed at another table a lovely couple that was completely oblivious to one another due to the incessant texting going on... how romantic and special that evening must have been. 

I guess we have devolved as a species into a rather rude, hyper-active, always-connected, always-distracted group just dying to know what we might be missing every 30-seconds. Which I guess makes us not much different from squirrels or mongeese, nervously on the watch to see what's going on around us. I know there are major sociological implications in this incessant tweeting, texting, and social networking, and I can't help but wonder if it's making people in Hawaii a bit more numb and detached. Hawaii's people are arguably the nicest people anywhere, to generalize, but you have to wonder about our sometimes casual lifestyles being so drastically impacted by little devices that require so much time and attention, at what expense?

Yes, all those portable devices have a purpose, but if we are really in charge, then we should have the self-confidence, self-restraint,  and self-control to sometimes simply turn the things off, not on silent, but off. We have had enough pedestrian incidents of late, so we shouldn't have to worry about Timmy getting nailed in an intersection by a wayward vehicle because he was too busy sending his dinner plans to a Facebook page, should we? Think about it…

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