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June 21, 2012

Think About It: Somebody Get Me a Doctor

The U.S. Prevention Services Task Force is at it again, shaking the very foundations upon which many of us make our medical decisions. This same group that recently suggested that healthy men forego an annual PSA test for prostate cancer and that woman over 50 should undergo a mammogram every other year instead of annually, now says that maybe extra calcium and Vitamin D in the diet of older women is not such a good idea.

This comes on the heels of conflicting stories about whether a little alcohol is good for you, the fact that now coffee and chocolate are apparently good for you, and good old Vitamin E, which many of us took for years for its special preventative powers, is not only unnecessary, but it may actually have been harmful. Now I realize that if you eat anything other than almonds, broccoli, and blueberries it means you are probably rolling the dice on your health, but it seems that just about every few months we are told some major contradictory information from what we were sold as absolute truths sometime in the past. And if the top docs and entities that research this stuff can't make up their minds, what are we mere humans supposed to do?

The bottom line is this- talk to your doctors, even if they seem impatient or too busy, find out what makes sense for you, keep up on the latest research that might affect your age group, your sex or your children. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to health issues, but you sure wish that those in charge would not keep changing the rules. It's enough to make one drink due to worries and paranoia; oh, but drinking's considered OK (in moderation)… this week. Think about it…

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