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July 16, 2012

Think About It: Political Speak 101

As we wind our way through televised debates, now is a good time for a two-part "Think About It", to help you better understand or question the sometimes inane clichés and expressions used by local and national politicians as the campaign season heats up. When a candidate says, "to be frank", we understand- sometimes you are Frank, sometimes you are Sally, sometimes you are Kimo- whatever it takes to make your point. Likewise "to be honest" is a good one- oh, you mean sometimes you are not honest? Oh for shame.

Many candidates promise to "hit the ground running", although you might get hurt with the fall and sometimes simple walking seems to be a problem with impasses and the incessant lack of resolutions within the system. Since when does politics and decision-making ever move along quickly? Here's another good one: "we are at a critical point". Oh, I see, last year and 1995 and 1987 were not critical points, but now we really need to get serious… thanks for the heads-up. And I love when we are told that we can no longer afford "politics as usual". Really, so now we are all going to band together with the various disparate parties and make joint decisions for the benefit of the human race? Now that would be something. Until then, it really is politics as usual- assuaging egos, gaining power and control, ensuring re-election.

And do question when someone wants to "grow the economy" or "break the gridlock", overused terms for sure. Really now, is there someone left who doesn't want to grow the economy or break the gridlock? More on this later this week, but for now, feel free to "think about it"…

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