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July 19, 2012

Think About It: Political Speak 201

We continue tonight to discuss the various terms and redundant, yet useless, expressions used by so many locally and elsewhere who really do want our vote. When a politician says "…and I am passionate", would we want it any other way. Of course, passion sometimes blocks logical thought, so please don't get too passionate and lose control.

How about when politicos talk about "the fact of the matter"; as opposed to what- the lies of the matter, or the facts of the anti-matter? We expect the facts and plain speak when we pick our leaders, but we don't get it often enough as candidate pander to special interests, and work hardest at getting re-elected.

And when you hear the pledge about "doing more with less", please understand that most of us in the private sector have been doing just that for years- at work and at home, as the economy our politicians have toyed with has not moved very far very fast in the past few years. As I mentioned on Monday, when you hear that we can't afford to see "politics as usual" going forward, does that mean that we're going to have a revolution or rebellion? Because short of that, it sure seems like we will have politics as usual, as distasteful as that has become in the polarized world of Washington. D.C. "Fiscal responsibility"- no, we prefer to always be on the edge of default or bankruptcy, worrying about our futures. How about showing some physical responsibility- where you actually do the "heavy lifting" and get things done with compromise and rational thinking, even if it might aggravate some donors?

And to help our keiki and the future of our state, we are told that can't keep "kicking the can down the road". Obviously, kicking a can is not good for the environment and can cause lockjaw if the can is rusty and you get jabbed, so let's stop kicking and starting properly disposing of cans and tired, vacuous, redundant, undeliverable promises and vapid expressions, please. Think about it…

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