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August 2, 2012

Think About It: Human Perspective

A former UH football star is arrested under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A number of current UH football players are busted for drinking offenses over the past few months. An icon of college football is rightfully shamed due to his covert actions in not helping to prevent a pervert from preying on youngsters. While there is absolutely no correlation between these recent developments, the one thing these people all have in common is that they are simply people. This is not meant to excuse any actions, because everyone needs to be held accountable and responsible for his or her actions- always.

But perhaps these developments should remind us to stop putting people on pedestals, to stop making people larger than life, to stop believing that people don't and won't make bad decisions. We all do. Some are obviously worse than others, especially when other people are affected. And penalties should be paid for transgressions. But in this instant celebrity, 24/7/365 information vortex we live in, everything is sucked up and then thrown down by tweets, phone cameras, reporters, and bloggers desperate to fill vacuums of airtime and websites with something, anything to titillate or interest the fan-base or the generally bored among us.

Perhaps we need to look at life with a little better perspective and focus more on the important things around us that we can control, that we can make better, that we can make a difference on. Sure, some people who have had success have let us down based on our expectations and hopes. That's nothing new. It's just in our faces all the time now, and we probably should spend less time escaping with or ruminating on Jersey housewives, karaoke idols or false football gods and spend more time focused on the valuable components of our own lives. Think about it…  

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