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September 3, 2012

Think About It: Buried or Alive?

Every other year, we ask why Hawaii has such a weak record of showing up on election days. Well, aside from general apathy, a dearth of candidates in many races, and the belief that nothing ever changes, we also have the sad saga of things just not getting done properly or in line with the rules when politics are involved- whatever those things or rules are. Remember how long it took to build H-3? Wikipedia says: "orders for the freeway were granted in 1960, followed by planning stages. Construction, amid enormous community protest, was begun in the late 1980s, although the road did not open until December 12, 1997. Environmental complaints and legal challenges halted construction at many points." And now we have a beautiful freeway that provides spectacular Halawa Valley and windward side views that we never could have seen before the roadway came to fruition, at a hefty price.

Remember the Superferry? The idea came up in 2001, and after many delays and protests, the first ship sailed in late 2007; by mid-2009, the ferries weren't so super. As a matter of fact, they were shipped out, victims to mediocre customer count numbers but more importantly- victims to questionable environmental planning which led to constant legal wrangling and business failure.

And for now, we have the shutdown of work on the $5-billion rail project, after the state Supreme Court said that rules were violated and shortcuts were taken that simply can't be taken. Will we ever learn? The one bit of good news if this projects now slips away is that we have some really secure pillars in Kapolei that could make for the beginnings of a nice theme park ride or zip line. Get ready now for "I told you so" gloaters vs. the "we'll be back" project gurus to make headlines as we sludge through the courts, the process, and the system. Maybe we can just get the docked Superferry back here to take people from downtown to the Pearl City and the leeward side? Or maybe a zip line from Kapolei to Kalihi, downtown, and UH to really avoid traffic. Think about it...


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