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October 22, 2012

Think About It: Auto Service

I went to the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association convention 10-days ago and was glad to hear that things are picking up on the local auto front. Lots of initiatives are in place and being worked on beyond just the day to day business of moving vehicles. The auto business has been transformed over the past few years with corporate monoliths taking over in many places, but local auto dealerships in the state of Hawaii are perhaps the last ones in the country to be almost completely family-owned and operated. So I got to thinking: what if Congress was run by our local auto dealers?

First of all, decisions would be made quickly, because we know that if you leave the showroom (or perhaps the Senate floor) there's an 80% chance you won't be coming back. And if you can't get a deal done, the dealer/congressman would simply say "let me talk to my manager", and he would come back after working with his constituents and then tell us weary, skeptical voters that the deals have been made. No more partisanship, no more taking sides to preserve one's job, just good simply deal-making through forced negotiations, because after all, we all live in the same community and everybody knows everybody, so no one wants to make shame.  And if our local car dealers ran Congress, at least we'd get some balloons and streamers in the hallowed hallways where little gets done anymore. Maybe that would make everyone feel better or at least wake up and take notice.

Local car dealers running Congress would most assuredly take care of business, our business, because they know that nothing breeds loyalty better than quality service and quality results. They would also take pride in representing Hawaii's people through actions, not just words. A common goal would be to retain our business so they could keep their jobs, or else we would simply find a new dealer/Congress-person right down the street. Yes, family- run, local auto dealers running Congress. I'll bet approval ratings would be higher than 10%. Think about it…

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