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November 5, 2012

Think About It: Tsunami Ripple Effects

I heard a number of people talking last week about the tsunami, the inconvenience that it caused some people on a Saturday night, and all for some benign minor wave action. And then I was reminded by new stories within 48-hours of our non-event about the people in Atlantic City who opted not to heed the call to evacuate before the hurricane hit hard and the "ho hum" attitude came with a price- no rescue was possible for days, and no electricity came back on for days.

So you ask yourself how you will react the next time we get a warning call. Does the inconvenience caused by a possible non-event override the logic of reacting to the official communication? Is it really worth rolling the dice by rationalizing that last time nothing really happened, and the time before that, too? When, not if, but when we do really have a problem here due to the whims of Mother Nature, do you really want to be the hero who takes no action and puts himself or herself at risk? Whether it's a possible hurricane or a predicted tsunami coming our way, these sirens and official edicts are not simply the boy who cried wolf. They are calls to action based on the unpredictable force of nature, and inconvenience and preparation should be the least of your worries.

Just ask the homeowners in Hoboken, New Jersey, or in lower Manhattan. Ask the beach home owners along the Jersey shore if waiting it out would've been a smart move. With damages and lost business estimated to be in the $50-billion range, super storm Sandy was a stunning reminder that we in Hawaii were very fortunate to once again avoid major catastrophe when forces out of our control acted up. Being cautious and being prepared has no downside. Keep that in mind the next time the call to action comes around. It's hard to be a hero when you're trapped under water or under debris. There's nothing cool about playing the odds when nature comes knocking hard. Think about it…

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