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November 29, 2012

Think About It: Filling The Void

It is often time stunning and numbing when an institution goes away. So it was with great sadness that I heard two weeks ago about the apparent shutdown of Hostess Brands. And with the passing of the 82-year old venerable food maker goes some of my all-time favorites- Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and yes, Twinkies. I never really cared for the coconut Sno Balls. Even the worst day of school could be salvaged after school by unveiling the chocolate goodness beneath the tin foil of a Ding Dong or tearing the plastic wrap off of the golden, iconic Twinkie. Knowing that these tasty, unhealthy treats were impervious to time and would probably last beyond an atomic fallout made me feel almost invincible as a kid, two years ago.

This devastating event reminded me of the many good times with local institutions or things now gone. Arakawas, Liberty House, Kuhio Grill, Records Hawaii and DJs Sound City, Aloha Airlines, KIKI Radio with Kamasami Kong, the old Primo Beer, King's Bakery, Mongolian Barbeque, Club Hubba Hubba (oh, forget that one). We tend to gravitate toward nostalgia for feelings of warmth and comfort, always thinking of the past as the good old days, whether they actually were or not. We live in the present, wonder about the future, and wax nostalgic about the past.

The potential end of Twinkies and Ho Hos is a loss that will be applauded by the health gurus- some of the same experts who told us to take Vitamin E daily and eat salmon or tofu- but not too much. But for those who occasionally feel trapped in a world where the small pleasures are sometimes the most consistent, available, and fulfilling, you're gonna miss the filling, and the cake. Nothing is forever, even locally, except that box of Twinkies sitting on your shelf since 1982. Think about it…

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