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December 3, 2012

Think About It: The Ease of Voting

Voting should not be an arduous, cumbersome, frustrating task. As a part of the rights of freedom as a U.S. citizen, you should have the freedom to vote with ease and easy access. It took me 10-minutes when I chose to vote early in last month's general election. I parked my car, showed my ID, was escorted to a booth, and completed my work in about seven-minutes, as I knew who I planned to vote for in advance. Many people chose to vote this way and one way to ease the Election Day rush would be to offer more pre-Election Day sites and better promote this early voting alternative- especially on weekends.

Mail-in voting as our only option is apparently going to be recommended here, as top officials are rightfully fed up with the now biannual screw-ups with polling places, ballots, miscommunication, faulty machines, etc. Mail-in only voting has been the rule for years in a few states. But mail-in voting is not an absolute winner, nor is it an exact science, and going 100% in that direction should be cautiously considered while looking at the possible pitfalls. Wrong addresses, wrong names, mailing errors, unscrupulous roommates or family members tossing other house dwellers ballots, coercion while people fill in their ballots, savvy campaigners or candidates lurking around neighborhoods to "help" you decide- there are many questions that mail-in ballots or even web ballots bring up that need to be analyzed.

One thing for sure… years and years of acknowledged Election Day errors, miscalculations, missing ballots, missing volunteers, and the lack of competition in many local races have not helped our track record as Hawaii is now rightfully known as the worst voting state in the country. So, with two years until we are again asked to perform our citizen duties, let's hope some options enacted to fix the voting system encourage more people to get involved in Hawaii; because at the end of the day, it is still up to the people to come out and play. Think about it…

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