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February 11, 2013

Think About It: Larry

How well do you know the person in the cubicle next to you at work, the one who takes care of your stuff when you're out sick or on vacation? How well do you know the neighbor next door who takes in your mail when you're out of town or picks up your garbage can when it's knocked over? Now you might say you know them as well as you want to, but maybe if you knew a bit more, you would be greatly enriched and enlightened; like I was with Larry.

I worked with Larry for over 20-years- said hi, exchanged pleasantries, but never went much deeper than that, because I didn't have to, because I was too busy, because he tended to be a bit shy, and maybe because I was the boss and didn't want to pry. Yet it took a eulogy at Larry's funeral last month for me to find out some amazing things- like the fact that Larry loved to play the ukulele, that Larry at one time thought of being a priest.  Or that Larry was a radio operator during the Viet Nam War whose life was saved by a heroic colleague who jumped on a live enemy grenade, thus sacrificing his life for Larry and the others. Apparently, Larry wondered for 40-years why he survived and his friend didn't that day. A moment like that changes you forever; it changed Larry, no doubt. I gained a new appreciation for Larry, for his humble demeanor, his amazing, dual 40-hour-a-week jobs, and his pleasant demeanor while he just got the job done, day after day, year after year, always wondering.

What I learned in the succinct stories at Larry's funeral and what I realize more often now as I get older is that people have depth, everybody has wondrous stories, and while we're all busy, distracted, and sometimes disinterested, there's a lot of good stuff going on out there if we just try to find it… in everybody. Think about it… 

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