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March 11, 2013

Think About It: Property Damage

I've never met Japanese real estate magnate Genshiro Kawamoto. Like most of you, I see the occasional stories about him, his properties, and the sometimes bizarre adventures surrounding his real estate mostly through the filtered lens that is the media. I can't begin to imagine what goes through his mind when he allows large statues on artificial rocks to be installed in a kapakahi manner, or when he permits his properties to slowly deteriorate.

One theory posited is that if his unkempt homes manage to bring down property values in the area, he can then scarf up more homes at lower prices from unhappy owners who want out. Maybe he's just too busy to pay attention to his Kahala lots, but you'd think a man of his wealth who surely understands the value of property and being in choice neighborhoods would at least have a guy with a weed whacker and a machete out there twice monthly to keep things tidy. But that has not been the case according to neighbors in Kahala.

Enigmatic, eccentric, mysterious, wealthy- all adjectives attached to Kawamoto over the years. Of course, he's also been called maddening, ignorant, uninvolved, uncooperative, disinterested, and now he's being called a tax evader back home in Japan. There's no telling where this 25-year local investment saga will end; some Kahala neighbors might proffer that there's no telling if Kawamoto will come back from the dark side of the moon any time soon. There's talk of a garden and museum plan, but that's been rumored since 2006. In the meantime, the wizard of odd continues to confound with large statues of lions and tigers and "bares" (as in semi-nude women); oh my! Think about it…


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