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May 20, 2013

Think About It: A Warrior Mentality

OK, so now we finally have an official name for our beloved University of Hawaii sports teams. Everyone OK? Can we now move forward, or at least laterally, but tilting upwards? Because sadly, the name of the team will become mud if we can't do a better job funding the whole program. Whether or not you believe athletics is over-funded or that it serves a value to students just like other programs at institutes of higher learning, the time has come to change the system. 

The UH athletics department needs more funding, just like its conference counterparts receive from their state coffers or upper campus. It needs a better deal or at least some deal on lower campus parking at night for sporting events. It needs more oversight and control of its branded merchandise. As true warriors now, UH needs to systematically change the system, and the legislature needs to ante up as other states have done. But if systems simply cannot or will not be changed, then let's set a new bar on expectations, say, losing $2.5-million per year will become the standard by which the administrators of the athletics department are judged. Running a business with your hands tied behind your back is a recipe for annual hand-wringing, if you could only untie them. A watershed moment occurred late last week with the transfer of $13-million in debt to the chancellor's office along with some funding and salary adjustments from the regents and upper campus. That's a great start.

Of course, winning teams always help the cause. But now that we have an official name for all of our UH teams, let's see the warrior mentality brandished by people who can make a difference. Let's see name-crazed fans buy more tickets to support the winning or losing teams, let's see philanthropic giving jump up, let's see rational results resolve age old merchandise and parking problems. And let's not have the nickname and financial discussion crop up again and again.  Some solutions are at hand.  A great burden was relieved last week. Let's solve the other dilemmas, change the formulas or expectations, and move forward. Now that would be a real change. Go ‘Bows! Think about it…

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