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May 30, 2013

Think About It: UH FYI PR ASAP

Dear University of Hawaii, I have a proposal to make to you and your new president to perhaps start to change recent public perception about the UH. Like others, I have grown weary of the constant negative shots taken at UH, some deserved, but some with ulterior motives and with no class, so I am suggesting that UH start letting us know about all of the good things going on within the UH system.

To that end, I am offering UH a $50,000 one-year, public service airtime schedule on KFVE to promote some of the good things going on at the many branches of UH. Tell us about the new cancer research center and other upcoming projects that will benefit us all, fill us in on the amazing research going on and the tens of millions of dollars of grants that are coming in all the time. Update us with stories of successful recent graduates and let's hear testimonials from post-graduate students about the difference UH made in their lives. Regale us with tales of the Hawaiian language immersion program and the growth of interest in our glorious indigenous culture. Talk to us about strides being made at UH in ocean research, botany, the culinary arts, and vulcanology.

We know that communication and a lack thereof has been a sore subject at UH of late, so let's build an on-air TV campaign to reinforce our optimistic belief that UH really is doing some great work in many areas, that there are great people inside the system, that people who matriculate at UH come out as better and smarter citizens, many of whom make a difference in our state. You write it and produce it, we'll air it. Thirty seconds on TV surely will not tell the whole story, but there are really good stories to be told about UH that need to be brought forth. We're talking about pride and morale here. So someone in upper campus at UH, please feel free to give me a call, and we can discuss how to make this happen. Looking forward to hearing from you soon… Very Sincerely, John Fink. Oh… and Think about it…

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