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June 27, 2013

Think About It: UH Money; Congress Isn’t Funny

A couple of unrelated items to ponder as we enter the last weekend of June… The UH athletics department has seen $13-million of debt forgiven and has been offered some help on salaries with other positive actions hopefully to follow. But UH still receives less percentage-wise in subsidies than most of its counterparts in the Mountain West Conference directly and indirectly from the State of Hawaii. It's time to give the athletics department more money to help it build and grow; let's not accept break even as a goal, as that might not allow for improved infrastructure or greater recruiting funds to help give us improve our programs. A couple of million dollars more per year from the legislature would help UH to provide more value to its student athletes and its fan base; and yes, it's worth it, as many perceive UH sports as the only game in town, a source of pride, and an institution which helps mold tomorrow's leaders.

On another note, a recent Gallup poll showed that the 10% confidence level Americans have for Congress is at its lowest point in 40-years. Congress was confidently thought of by 42% of Americans in 1973, which shows how far this institution has fallen in the hearts and minds of the very people it represents. This year's 10% confidence level is the lowest of any institution ever asked about in Gallup's annual poll.

Conversely, 76% of people polled had confidence in our military. The military should go up to Congress and give insight on what it takes to work in a hostile environment with people who don't trust you and really don't like you. Small business ranked #2 on the confidence list, as 65% of those polled have confidence in small business. That's because small businesses thrives on your trust and your business, or they won't exist soon. Perhaps Congress should be forced to figure things out or else we'll have to close the current group down and start again, like a resurgent business operation that finally figures things out by making changes. What a concept for elected officials- enacting changes to make things work and appease your bosses, the general public. Think about it…

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