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August 22, 2013

Think About It: Parental Guidance Required

School is back in full force as the full roads each morning surely attest, but if you are a parent of a school child, are you back in full force? By that I mean are you fully engaged with your child's efforts and progress? Are you aware of the activities your child is involved in and perhaps not involved in? Are you providing a home environment, as best you can, that ensures time for your child to realize his or her potential through studying, organizing, and being prepared each and every school day?

Yes, it's tough, as many parents work long hours or hold two jobs, and the economy- while recovering better here than in many area- is still sluggish. Making the best effort you can to provide the basic needs of your school children will sure go a long way to helping them realize their long-term potential, which will provide big benefits for parents and students. Getting involved in some aspect of your school will keep you involved and also show your keiki that you really do care, that school is not simply a place he or she has to go every day, that it is a vital part of their development and will go a long way toward defining them in the future- hopefully for the good.

So maybe this is the year you volunteer for a PTA committee or as homeroom parent. Maybe this is the year you make sure there's a quiet area and time set aside for studying at home every night. Maybe this is the semester where you regularly discuss classwork at the dinner table or e-mail teachers once a month to make sure you stay in touch and on top of things. Involved parents who help to keep their kids nurtured and motivated sure make it easier for teachers to do their job day after day, year after year. Think about it…

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