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August 29, 2013

Think About It: Work: The Pits or The Passion

At a recent luncheon here, I listened to renown speaker/psychologist Bruce Christopher tell the tale of a long-time study done with thousands of people who were asked about their #1 priority in a job search. 83% said money, 17% said finding a job that they could be passionate about. Fast forward 20-years, and the group was interviewed again. 101 people from this group of thousands had become millionaires. One person out of that 101 came from the "money first" priority list, while 100 people who had made their fortune came from the passion side of the ledger.

The moral might be- find what you love, or find something to love, and then pursue it, passionately. Much like a personal relationship, just showing up every day doesn't make for great fulfillment. But if you can find something that you really enjoy during most of your working hours, you will be deeply enriched, even if you never get close to becoming a millionaire. Yes, we can't always be at the perfect job, but our happiness, sense of value and self-worth, and our attitudes most surely affect all of the other areas of our lives, so why not try to work at something that potentially fulfills you, much like a personal relationship should help you to feel whole.

It's a tough job market out there in Hawaii for both rookies and veterans, but if you strive to find a workplace or career path  that provides you with those things that matter most to you, it sure can help to make even the toughest days of work that much more worthwhile. We should encourage young people to go for it- to reach out and find their place. Simply showing up every day is not only mundane, but also stifling. As life is a most assuredly journey and not a destination, make sure you check out the sights along the way in your quest for happiness and fulfillment at work. Think about it…

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